Got a nice boil going.

Brew Day: Bavarian Helles

The Memorial day weekend gave me time off to put together another brew day: Bavarian Helles. I also got a chance to use my brand new Plastic Big Mouth Bubbler from Northern Brewer! Check out my review of the fermenter. Keep your eye out for my updated review that let’s you know how the Plastic Big Mouth Bubbler held up on brew day. For now I’ll just say it didn’t disappoint!

Apart from getting back to brewing light German lagers (which are my favorite styles to brew), I also used my old hop bag again. I had stopped using it when I lost the tie (and was too lazy to fashion a new one). I saw a video online where the hop bag was clipped to the side of the kettle during the boil. This keeps it open and accessible during the boil, but prevents excessive hop residue during cooling. It worked great and I’ll definitely do it again!

I am hoping for a quick, vigorous fermentation (hopefully by tomorrow morning) after pitching with a yeast starter. Even though the OG isn’t too high (1.047), a yeast starter will help keep the flavors clean. For a Helles there is nothing to hide behind in the flavor profile! If you want a good read (that’s not too long) on the brief history, philosophy, and flavor profile of the Munich Helles style, check out this article from Brew Your Own written by Horst Dornbusch. He is also the author of the Classic Beer Style Series: Bavarian Helles from Brewer’s Publications.

This Helles won’t be ready for another 2-3 months, but the wait is definitely worth it! Check out some pictures below from Brew Day: Bavarian Helles!