Starting the Boil

Brew Day: Brunch Stout (a little late)

Father’s Day is always a great day to sit back and brew. While I normally prefer to brew lagers and light ales, this year I stretched my repertoire a little bit by brewing Northern Brewer’s Brunch Stout. This is an American-Style Stout that may literally stand up and kick you in the mouth. A face guard is recommended when brewing this little number. You can find Northern Brewer’s Brunch Stout kits in both all-grain and extract versions.

Brunch Stout Impressions

If there is such as thing as a morning beer, this may be it. The aromas are deliciously syrupy with strong overtones of coffee. While the boil was amazingly fragrant, the fermentation absolutely filled my house with a delightful aroma. The grain bill for the steeping grains was fairly hefty and taxed the capacity of the included mesh bag, but we made it work. The Nugget hops smelled amazing. Also I used a yeast starter for this given the high gravity. I was a little rushed so I ended up pitching the whole starter. Fermentation was vigorous as you can see in the videos below, and started within about 6 hours. By the next morning we were spewing tons of foam and the smell was incredible. Final Gravity was reached within about 4 days but I’ve kept it in the fermenter out of sheer laziness. I’ll rack it to a keg for secondary and conditioning sometime this week.

Brunch Stout Media

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