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Brew Day: Brunch Stout (a little late)

Father’s Day is always a great day to sit back and brew. While I normally prefer to brew lagers and light ales, this year I stretched my repertoire a little bit by brewing Northern Brewer’s Brunch Stout. This is an American-Style Stout that may literally stand up and kick you in the mouth. A face guard is recommended when brewing this little number. You can find Northern Brewer’s Brunch Stout kits in both all-grain and extract versions.

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Brew Day: Bavarian Helles

The Memorial day weekend gave me time off to put together another brew day: Bavarian Helles. I also got a chance to use my brand new Plastic Big Mouth Bubbler from Northern Brewer! Check out my review of the fermenter. Keep your eye out for my updated review that let’s you know how the Plastic Big Mouth Bubbler held up on brew day. For now I’ll just say it didn’t disappoint!

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Batch 1 – Oktoberfest (2014-05-18): Gallery

Foam cap has definitely fallen back by day 8.

Batch 1 – Cream Ale: Gallery (2014-5-17)

Checked the SG on day 5 and we’re hitting 1.011, which is our projected Final Gravity.

Batch 1 – Oktoberfest: Gallery (2014-5-16)

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Batch 1 – Cream Ale: Gallery (2014-5-15)

Batch 1 – Cream Ale: Gallery (2014-5-13)