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How-to: Making a Yeast Starter

You’ve finally decided to take your brewing to the next level, and you’re hoping that making a yeast starter might do that for you. Making a yeast starter is a great idea for getting the most out of your beer, and there are so many ways it can improve on your hard work and creativity. And best of all, hopefully you’ll realize that making a yeast starter is so easy and rewarding, you’ll want to do it for nearly every batch you brew.

In our post on planning a yeast starter you learned how to find your ideal pitch rate, calculate the number of yeast cells you need, and determine the size and number of steps needed to generate enough yeast from your existing smack pack or vial. In this post I’ll walk you step by step through making a yeast starter. So grab your calculations and let’s learn to make some yeast!

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How-to: Planning a Yeast Starter

Recently I’ve been working with yeast starters to improve my beer. Having done a few now, I wish I had started doing these earlier. Yeast starters are one of the most cost-effective (and fun!) ways to improve the quality of your beer. If you like brewing high gravity ales, lagers of any gravity, or simply have an old yeast pack/vial sitting around and you want to get the most out of it, read on.

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