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We all need help. Some of us need it more than others. Me… I need a LOT of it. So here are some homebrewing resources that I have run across on the web and in print that have made a difference in my brewing. There are definitely lots more resources out there, so feel free to let me know  what resources you find helpful!

Online Homebrew Shops

Not only are Homebrew Shops (both brick & mortar, as well as online) great resources for homebrewing products, the staff are often enthusiastic home brewers who, just like you, are looking for ways to brew better, more efficiently, and more consistently.

  • Northern Brewer – I’m a big fan of the LHBS (Local Home Brew Store). Here in Milwaukee, we are fortunate that our LHBS can be a well-run, well-stocked, online retailer such as Northern Brewer. Their service and selection are excellent, and their only goal is to get you what you need in order to make great beer at home. Apart from selling stuff, they have loads of information and videos on their website. Check it out!
  • MoreBeer – While note local, MoreBeer is an excellent online retailer that also offer both excellent products and information on their website.

Online Books

  • How To Brew – John Palmer’s book has a complete online version of the old edition. In a pinch it provides great information at your fingertips when you need it. One of the best homebrewing resources out there!

Helpful Websites

  • Homebrewer’s Association – This is the club to join if you’re interested in supporting Home Brewing in America. Apart from that they have a pretty good section of educational materials that will walk you through basic and advanced home brewing techniques. Homebrewer’s Association also runs Zymurgy, the home brewer’s magazine.
  • – A great website on German Brewing.
  • Mr. Malty – Jamil  Zainasheff’s online repository of information and tools to make you a better home brewer.

Online Tools

Online Forums

  • – Excellent online forum.
  • Homebrew Digest – An archive of the HBD listserv. Worth checking out for answers to common, and sometimes obscure questions.

Software & Mobile Apps

There is a solid, and growing, list of computer programs and mobile apps that can help the home brewer both in recipe formulation and management, as well as in providing easy access to educational materials. Here are a few of the apps I have found to be useful:

  • BeerAlchemy – The folks at Kent Place Software have built a nice application that helps you manage your recipes, batches, inventory, and more. Best of all the app is available for your Mac computer, as well as iPhone and iPad, and all can sync so you can have what you need with you on brew day.
  • Homebrewtalk Mobile – The Homebrewtalk Forum has mobile apps designed for both iOS as well as Android. It’s handy to have the whole forum at your fingertips when a random question pops up.
  • Zymurgy App – The folks at the AHA have provided mobile access to their magazine, Zymurgy, on both iOS and Android devices.

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