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Yeast Starter Example: Simple Ale

Let’s take the information from the post detailing how to plan a yeast starter and do something more common: plan for a simple, straightforward ale of moderate gravity. In this yeast starter example we assume a fresh (week-old) smack pack and a 5.5gal batch of 1.060 OG ale. Again, we’re using the Brewer’s Friend Yeast Pitch Rate & Starter Calculator.

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How-to: Planning a Yeast Starter

Recently I’ve been working with yeast starters to improve my beer. Having done a few now, I wish I had started doing these earlier. Yeast starters are one of the most cost-effective (and fun!) ways to improve the quality of your beer. If you like brewing high gravity ales, lagers of any gravity, or simply have an old yeast pack/vial sitting around and you want to get the most out of it, read on.

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